Climbing Mt. Snowdon

“Because it is there.” — George Mallory.

Ok so we’re not climbing Mt. Everest here but it’s still a mountain and unlike almost all our previous adventures Ruby’s mum Laura is with us and for her this is an “Everest”.

Maple Lodge

Sat at the foot of Snowdon is Red Dragon Holidays and their amazing pet friendly cabin, Maple Lodge


Ruby certainly isn’t afraid of an early start and setting off in October means the sun starts to go down around 4:30pm. A typical time to climb and descend is 7hrs but it’s good to have some time for error!


Ruby’s Ruffwear Powder Hound keeping her toasty in the clouds! We ascended up the Pyg Track and came down the Miners track. If your interested in further details please feel free to get in touch.


Pictures from the trip



  1. First of all what an absolutely gorgeous dog ! when you’re out hiking and biking does Ruby ever pay attention to any of the wildlife in the woods? I would think squirrels and chipmunks, etc. would get her attention

  2. We climbed Snowden a month ago- we wish we could of taken our vizsla Ilah with us! But we were visiting from Australia! We love your pictures – you have inspired us to train Ilah to run with us on our mountain bikes🐾🐾

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