The Scottish Borders

Glentress & Innerleithen

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Our trip started with the dog friendly log cabin accommodation in Peebles at Crossburn caravan park

Day 1 – Innerleithen

No matter how hard we try we can’t shake those speedy four legs, even on the black runs! You can see us try in the video at the bottom of the page.

Day 2 – Glentress

After a cosy night in her Ruffwear sleeping bag we headed to the more well known trails of Glentress for more laps than we could count in an attempt to tire our ginger buddy out!


The video

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did making it!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

More pictures

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  1. In one clip, it looks like you attach an odometer to Ruby. Is there a product you use to track her mileage? I have something to track my mileage, but my dog does a lot of back and forth and I’d love to see how much farther he travels. Thanks!

    • Hi Natalie, yes we sometimes use a Garmin Edge 20 to track her distance, when walking she always goes about twice as far as us and when biking she does an extra couple of miles! Cheers Tom

  2. What an amazing girl you have! And the stamina she has is unbelievable. I’ve loved watching her videos and she obviously loves what she does. How on earth does she run for so long?

    • Hi Ann, thanks 🙂 we built her fitness up slowly but Vizslas are well known for their endurance and she’s on a high protein diet from Eden Petfoods!

  3. Hello Ruby & Tom,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures.
    I love your photos and videos.
    The footage looks like you are reaching some real speed, what is Ruby’s top speed on a trail please?
    Does Ruby have a preferred position when on the trail with you e.g ahead, behind or alongside?
    Have you ever had a collision or accident or is she trained to stay out of the path of the bike?

  4. Just ah-maze-ing!!!!! Wow! I have a million questions for you Tom! I figured maybe they would be better asked here than on the fitbark app. 1. Do you use both the fitbark and Garmin Edge? 2.. It looks like she has a couple of things attached to her collar. What are all the gadgets? (I am a junkie; sorry) 3. A section of food questions a) how much does she eat a day? b) do you supplement with any human food? c) In one video, she’s eating. How long do you wait after stopping to feed her? (I always worry about bloat with the deep chested Weimaraner (Greyson)? How often do your feed, or at what times? 4. Talk to me more about the Ruffwear GripTrex Shoes? I have a million more, but I don’t want to take too much time away from whatever awesome adventure you may be on today! So cool!

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